About Us

We are a small group of artists based in Hanoi, Vietnam
GỐC Studio is a clothing label and creative unit that was formed by a small group of artists in 2014 in Hanoi, Vietnam, from the simple creative desire to make collectable, unique and limited edition, hand printed, high-quality, iconic t-shirts with powerful, enigmatic artwork. We use the highest quality, certified eco-friendly inks that give the softest ‘hand’ possible and our tees are made from 100% cotton.

We also wanted put a bit of a spin on the traditional mass-produced t-shirt
To make boutique, high-end t-shirts with serious quality, substance, and artistic value.
T-shirts made with the care and attention to detail of an item produced by hand, and which is worthy of the original fine artwork the print comes from.

But what really makes our t-shirts special is the printed artwork
Our imagery comes from original ink drawings by our studio artist. The artworks draw from direct observation, while others are inspired by history, Vietnamese culture and local surroundings.

We do it all ourselves at GỐC Studio
Scanning the original artwork, preparing and printing the film positives, coating and exposing the silk-screens, and printing each t-shirt by hand is all done by ourselves at GỐC Studio in Hanoi, Vietnam. This ensures that every t-shirt we print is of the highest quality, guaranteed.

We use the finest quality 100% cotton garments and professional eco-friendly inks
We pride ourselves on the quality of our garments and finished prints. We use only the finest 100% cotton in our t-shirts—strong, durable yet soft and breathable. The inks we use on our prints are professional grade certified eco-friendly water-based inks with a soft hand feel for strong long-lasting vibrant colour.

The result is a world-class, wearable piece of art.